Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My Writing Life

A logbook is a daily record of a ship's speed, progress, etc., and of the events in its voyage. (Webster)

This will be a weekly record of my writing progress and the events that come my way while voyaging the seas toward the home port of authorship. It is meant for other writers, readers, and lovers of words.

This week I'm spending some time editing a non-fiction book for a friend, "Victory Over Anxiety and Depression." It's an excellent book with a strong spiritual theme, perfect for anyone who is being tossed in the seas by their williwaws of anxiety and depression. I may offer occasional excerpts later.

Besides writing a new Eternal Perspectives devotional column, I am also in the final editing phase of my novel for children aged 8-12, WILLIWAW WINDS. My story is based on the true experience of my son and four others who were dramatically rescued from a storm of williwaws as they headed home from a six-week season of hair crab fishing in the Bering Sea. See "Galley Fare" for an excerpt.

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