Monday, October 10, 2011


Did you hear the story about the chickadee that ate from my niece’s hand? Such a simple act gives us a lesson in trust. We love to hear stories and we love to tell stories. The best stories told are those that lift up Jesus and point to His marvelous love. May your stories bring glory to Him.


Maturity and Fruit

I attended a writer’s workshop recently and was surprised and encouraged by the number of published authors in my age group. These writers, like me, had set out not only to tell their stories but to sell their stories. Telling and selling both require desire, determination, and dedication to succeed.

Seniors and younger people alike can be encouraged by those who have gone before us. Perhaps many of us subconsciously, or consciously, feel an inner pressure to share our wisdom before it’s too late. There are so many good stories to share—stories that will not only entertain, but will teach and encourage future generations.

I have felt that inner pressure to share my stories with others. Having been a writer for many years has given me an advantage. But there are people who are hesitant to preserve their stories because they “didn’t live an interesting life,” or “don’t know how to write well enough,” or “don’t want to be an embarrassment to the family.” That’s why I’m now offering memory-writing workshops for anyone, no prior writing skills necessary.

Stories are big in God’s view. Without the Old Testament stories about spiritual heroes such as Abraham, Noah, and Elijah, we wouldn’t know about faith. Without Jesus’ parables and Paul’s letters, we wouldn’t mature in our faith.

Our stories don’t have to be big and important. Big or small, or seemingly insignificant, our stories can have the same effect on our families and succeeding generations that Bible stories have on our faith. Memories often stir our hearts, causing us to want to share them with others. That’s how it was with David, who wrote in Psalm 45:1: “My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

We have only so many years left. So, why not write our stories now, while we can? There’s no telling how they can bless someone who’s hurting or stumbling or seeking meaning about life.

Lord, thank You for Your wisdom that’s meant to be shared through our stories. Grace us with the desire and ability to pass them on to others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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