Monday, April 16, 2012


We received an unexpected snowfall today after record-breaking temps soared two days ago. Sunbathing one day, shoveling 48 hours later. Ah, capricious spring! The robins are huddling, hunkered down until the sun beats down on their brows once more. I thank God for the much-needed moisture.

  by Sally Bair

The Value of Song

I grew up in a Minneapolis home where little music was heard. We had a radio that my dad used for listening to the news and weather report. I took lessons on our old, upright piano for a short time but practiced little. Most of the music I did hear came from Saturday matinee movies at the local theater.

When my sixth-grade class attended a symphony youth concert, I heard classical music for the first time. Enamored with its beauty, I began listening to it every weekend on a public radio station. Although it’s still my favorite type of music, I began to enjoy popular songs, some country music, and hymns. Music helped me relax. Classical and Christian music soothed my soul when I felt troubled and anxious.

Nowadays, I live with little stress and prefer the quiet of nature’s music. My frequent driving time, however, prompts me to listen to the soothing sounds of music through radio waves. And I thoroughly enjoy worshiping God in church through songs that bring Him honor and glory.

Who can say when music began? God declared that His people, the Israelites, include music in their worship. After He led them out of Egyptian bondage and across the Red Sea, Moses and the people spontaneously sang a song of victory.

David played the harp so well that King Saul, whose soul was troubled, called for him to perform. The soothing music brought calm to the king. David wrote often about music. “I will sing of mercy and justice; to You, O Lord, I will sing praises.” (Psalm 101:1) Time after time, David told the readers of his psalms to sing praises to God. The word psalm itself means song.

The apostle Paul and his missionary partner, Silas, sang hymns to God from a prison cell. Their songs of praise brought a miracle of deliverance.

The Lord told Job that even “the morning stars sang together,” (Job 38:7) resulting in angels shouting for joy. Heaven resounds with the songs of angels constantly. Revelation tells us that angels “sing,‘Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!’”

Although our taste in music may differ, we know that it causes our thoughts to be positive and joyful—like the hymns and classical pieces I’ve enjoyed from childhood.

Lord, thank You for giving all of nature and mankind the ability to make music. Help us choose our songs wisely—songs that will soothe our soul and the hearts and souls of others. We glorify and honor You through our music.

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