Monday, February 17, 2014


Yes, we’ve had enough snow this winter. But when we take the time to meditate on
God’s wonderful creation, we see facets of His personality that astound and bless us. 


     ETERNAL PERSPECTIVES      by Sally Bair


     It's Got Character                            


      Snow. Whether a beauty to behold or a nightmare       to drive in, snow has character.

Snow is a protective covering for plants, tree roots, and all sorts of critters. It insulates the ground, the underground, and our northern lakes against frost.

High in nitrogen, snow and its runoff brings energizing, enriching nourishment to plants and animals alike. All plants, flowers, and trees grow faster and are healthier from heaven-sent moisture than from water that comes out of garden hoses and irrigation lines.

Snow is a silencer. During a fresh snowfall, the flakes absorb sound, giving a hushed quality. Snow also reveals what exposed earth does not, because of its dazzling, light-enhancing quality. For instance, we can see the tracks of animals and birds after a fresh snowfall more clearly than at any other time.

Snow has its own personality, be it heavy and wet, soft and fluffy, or granular like pellets. We can tell the difference when we drive in it, walk in it, work in it, or shovel it out of our way.

Like snow, God's personality has many facets. The Bible is filled with illustrations about God's character. Our finite minds understand them best through the use of similes and metaphors. We can more easily understand God’s nature when we compare Him to something visible. For instance, Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd. He is the Bread of Life … the Light of the World … the True Vine. When we read such comparisons, our brains automatically picture a shepherd, a loaf of bread, a light, a vine.

Another comparison involves the third person of the trinity. Before Jesus left the earth, He promised to send His disciples someone to comfort them, encourage, and help them as they faced the cold blasts of adversity. This Comforter brings to our minds a warm blanket that brings security and warmth.

Like snow, God nourishes and energizes us, through His Word. He silences us so we can hear Him more clearly. He reveals our sins and shortcomings and turns our dark thoughts, words, and deeds into light, when we allow.

We may not always enjoy snow, but we can all rejoice in the many wonderful facets of God's personality.

"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless." Psalm 18:30.

Lord, thank You for showing us Your wonderful attributes through nature. Open our eyes to understand You better as we meditate on Your Word and Your creation. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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