Monday, March 24, 2014


Oh, how easy it is to place things above God’s honor. Yes, we are to honor others for their accomplishments, but not to the extent of lifting them higher than our Creator-Savior. He alone is worthy of our praise and honor.


A prophet without honor

When I was a kid, I tended to listen to the advice of other mothers more than to my own.  Years later, as a mother, I found that my children did the same.  They paid little attention to my words when it came to practical information and advice that might help them in their maturity.  They instead took more heed to the words of their teachers, their friends’ parents, even TV broadcasters. They seemed to have more faith in the advice of others than in their own mothers.

Who knows why kids don’t listen to their parents?  Could it be because of familiarity?  Embarrassment?  Jealousy or guilt about their immaturity? 

Sometimes the advice we adults offer is more positively accepted by people outside our family relationships.  For instance, I sometimes receive favorable comments about my Eternal Perspectives columns from people I don’t know.  On the other hand, my own kin are often the most silent or critical, making me believe they have no faith in my ability to write.

When Jesus lived on earth, He was practically ignored by relatives and friends in His hometown.  But it was strangers who flocked to Him for healing and for his God-given messages about the Kingdom of God.  Mark 6:4-6 says: “Jesus said to them, ‘Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house, is a prophet without honor.’  He could not do any miracles there, except lay His hands on a few sick people and heal them.  And He was amazed at their lack of faith.”

Perhaps you, too, have found it hard to talk to close kin and even some friends about the things of God’s Kingdom.  It’s much easier to do so with strangers.  Sometimes God may be nudging us to walk away and let someone else do the talking, urging us rather to merely show Christ’s love by our actions.  Whether we use our voice or our silent expressions of love, we can still pray that somehow they will accept His truth.

Lord, guide us as we share Your love with others. Tell us when to speak and when to let someone else do the speaking. Help us to be like discerning mothers in showing Your love in such a way that our loved ones will see Jesus in us.  Amen.

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