Monday, October 13, 2014


As Jesus loosed the bonds of sin and affliction from many in need, He promises to do the same for us. He is in the business of freeing us from whatever we allow to keep us from worshiping and obeying Him through His Word and Spirit. In Jesus name, be loosed from your bonds of sin.


                Letting go

                Poplar leaves of golden hue
               Cling, tenacious, a stubborn few,
               Till frost assaults, then life-stems die.
               Like rain, they fall with wind-swept sigh.
In spite of knowing what will follow, I welcome fall: vivid colors of turning leaves, the pungent scent of decaying foliage, the crunch of leaves underfoot. Maple, aspen, and others shower to earth in the slightest breeze, sometimes leaving a few to cling to their branches even during hard winds. They spin round and round on their stems, pummeled by late fall gales. During the calm they hang limply. But for many weeks they remain steadfastly fastened to their host branch—like clinging vines.

Usually a clinging vine refers to adults who cling too closely to their mates, or children to their parents. They bombard their “host” with questions: Where are you going?  Where have you been?  Take me with you. I can’t bear to be without you. Clinging vines tend to smother the affections of those they cling to, robbing them of the need for their own emotional and physical space.

If not to someone, we might be tempted to cling stubbornly to alcohol, drugs, shopping, TV, hobbies, even church. Clinging to someone or something is not emotionally healthy. At worst, it causes us to be self-centered instead of Christ-centered.

The healthy type of clinging is about which Jesus speaks in John, chapter 15. “I am the vine, you area the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (verse 5) Like the leaf clinging tenaciously to its branch, we can cling to Him, assured that He will give us the necessary strength and nourishment to grow physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually/ As well, He promises us abundant joy and peace. Abiding in Christ—clinging to Him—will keep us happily connected to him, whether we’re being pummeled by life’s winds or enjoying its calm.

Lord, with one cleansing breath like the frost of winter, Your Spirit can loosen our hold on every sin we foolishly cling to. We recognize You as the only one who can give us what we truly need and what will bring us lasting and abundant love, joy, and peace. Help us to abide in You just as a tenacious leaf clings to its branch. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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