Tuesday, July 26, 2016


As electric pumps make water available to us, so the power of God’s Spirit supplies us with Christ’s Living Water. He alone can quench our spiritual thirst for refreshing and for life itself. May we partake from it—through His Word and presence—every day.


Jesus is our Living Water

Our recent storm caused power outages throughout a large portion of the upper Midwest. Some people had no electrical service for several days, which meant no water for many residents. Among other sources, the artesian wells in our area became a popular place to get fresh water. In fact, one day I saw a lineup of people at two area artesian wells, people waiting in line while holding their pails, bottles, and a variety of other containers.

Next to air, water is our most needed substance for life. The lineup at the artesian wells reminded me that throughout the world, many people must obtain their fresh water at a well—perhaps a long way from their homes. By contrast, we who live in the developed country of America need only to turn a faucet to obtain an abundance of fresh water. In fact, we tend to take water for granted—until we find ourselves without it as many did after our recent storm.

The Bible tells about a Samaritan woman who encountered Jesus while she drew water from the local well. Though she had water at her fingertips, she was spiritually thirsty. But she didn’t realize it. “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw.” (John 4:15)

Not until Jesus revealed Himself to her as the Living Water did she realize the water from her well paled in comparison to the loving, generous offering of Himself. The Samaritan woman received Jesus Christ, the Living Water.

God offers Himself to each of us, too. The life-giving water of his love and salvation can be compared to an artesian well that offers refreshing, thirst-quenching, abundant water that never runs dry. His living water is everlasting. We need only to drink of it. A fresh supply of it every day will sustain us in our spirit and soul.

Lord, we thank you for Jesus, the Living Water. We’re thirsty for You, Lord—for Your abiding presence, for Your holy Word, and for Your sustaining Spirit. May we be thirsty enough this day and every day to come to You for refreshing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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