Thursday, May 3, 2012


 Variety is the spice of a writer’s life. If you’re like I am, too bored and impatient to work on one project at a time, you have several stories going at one time. Of course, much can be said for staying focused on one project until it’s finished.

One way you can manage to do both is to manage your writing time. For instance, plan to write on your current book 30 hours a week, or whatever you choose. Add a few hours for another shorter project or two. Or, schedule your days for different projects: Monday through Wednesday write on your book; Thursday can be for another project; Friday for yet another.

It takes time to perfect a writing plan. It also takes regular upgrading—changing our goals when necessary to gain the most productivity and creativity in writing.

I’m currently working on a four-book series, having just sent the second to the publisher. Book three is rattling around in my head and will be for many weeks before I sit down to map out the plot, characters, and conflicts. Meanwhile, I’m writing a short memoir story, a devotional column, and an article every week.

Rewriting and editing can be squeezed into your days. I have written a few children’s stories almost ready to send out for publication. One is titled “The Alphabackwards Book.” Here is an excerpt. I welcome your comments on its content.

While Zippy the Zebra drank from a stream,
A lion drew close, so big and so mean.
Zippy turned around and bounded away
Down ziggedy path to keep Lion at bay.
Zoro, his uncle, helped him to reach home.
Safe! He lay down. Never more will he roam.
“Thanks, Zoro,” he said. “You heard my loud cry.”
He zipped his eyes shut and zonked out with a sigh.

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