Friday, May 11, 2012


Do you plan your writing schedule ahead? Or like many writers, do you put pen to paper only when the muse strikes? Can there be a combination of such writing habits?

I say Yes. I try to keep a schedule—that is, write every weekday morning from generally nine till noon. That loosely-planned schedule, however, becomes airborne easily. Too easily.

You know the scenario well, I presume. The phone rings. The call must be important, so early in the morning. You await an e-mail answer with such eagerness, you can’t put off opening your mail. Since you’re online, you might as well keep reading. Read, delete, read, delete … read, answer … read, star for a later time. You need your coffee cup refilled. Time to walk around a bit, or clean out the perennial bed before it rains.

I persevere in trying to keep to my schedule. I hope you do too. Hope reigns eternal, or something to that effect.

The muse, however, is another airborne missile that strikes when least expected. That’s the time to stop whatever—emails, phone calls, coffee, gardening—and dash to the computer for an unplanned, uninterrupted time of pure bliss. The words flow. The mind soars into heavenly realms of description, mood, problems solved.

What’s your writing world like? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s compare … and perhaps learn from one another how to better proceed with our writing hobby or career.

Our heavenly Father is a God of infinite variety. We can trust Him to guide us into the writing plans uniquely and best suited for us.

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