Saturday, May 17, 2014


Some people seem to thrive on bad news about health, politics, world problems, and the Church. God would have us thrive, instead, on His Good News! I ask you, what is better than knowing that you are saved from eternal death through the grace of Jesus’ death and resurrection? He turns bad into good for those who love Him. And … good news—spring is finally here! 


Nix to bad news        

We can’t get away from bad news these days. Turn on any news channel or read any newspaper and it will be filled with the stuff. Most of us dislike it. We avoid it when possible, cringe when we have to face it, and complain about it.

We’ve gotten so used to bad news that when we receive a Christmas letter expounding on all the good things that have happened during the year, we’re tempted to ask the writer if anything bad happened to them. Perhaps they have the right idea, to pass on only the good news to their relatives and friends.

Every day we hear about disease and starvation facing thousands throughout the world. War casualties mount. Loved ones die. Animals are abused. The economy is depressing. Political leaders are exposed for scandalous wrongdoing. You name it, bad news is everywhere. In fact, the world is so filled with it that some people are afraid of when the next shoe will drop. Some people claim that bad things come in threes so they expect even more bad news. Following the September 11 tragedy, for instance, fear overcame many people.

But we don’t have to fear bad news. Psalm 112:6-7 says that “… a righteous man … will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” The Psalm speaks about the righteous man—the person who regards God with holy awe and reverence and trusts in Him alone for salvation.

We who fear God and find delight in His Word, according to Psalm 112, are not moved by fear and anxiety in times of trouble because our trust is in the Lord and not in ourselves or our circumstances. We will be blessed with riches and, even in the darkness when bad news comes, light will dawn for us and goodness will be upon us. Through daily meditation of God’s Word, we can be strengthened against all the bad news, and its resulting fear, that we face.

Lord, thank You for keeping us from fear when we face bad news. Help us remember that we need not be afraid of what is ahead. Keep our focus away from negative circumstances and toward You, our trustworthy God. We honor and praise You for Your holiness and justice, Your love and mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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